Diff / 3rd sizes needed

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Sep 8, 2015
I am trying to build a holding fixture for land cruiser diffs. Just curious if anyone knows the outside diameter for the front and rear diffs ,and if you have bold hole placement that would be even better. I know I can look under my truck and measure, and I have done that just curious if anyone has something more exact. I am trying to build something like the image below (stolen from and old thread) Thanks for your help
You don't need that many holes to hold the case to the fixture. 3 is plenty. You can also use clamps. A couple of pieces of steel bolted to you bench works great. See the fixture that Ken (Zuk) uses. It is pretty simple.
If you're swapping diffs anyhow, why not buy the gaskets now & use as a template?

That's what I did, in fact if you want me to look I cut a few extra gaskets since it's part of my tradework/job skills. I bet I cut some if you "put the spurs to me" to go hunt them up.

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