Deccelerator problem

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May 29, 2007
Yakima Washington
The ol' FJ60 is dying at deceleration. I don't have power to the little solenoid that controls this.

Any ideas?

Where does the power come from. There is a little solenoid that is attached to the washer fluid tank that controls this part.

The power goes from the battery through one of the fusible links, through the ignition switch, through the "gauge" fuse, to the ignition relay. The ignition relay then provides power to the "engine" fuse. If power is intermittent to the "engine" fuse then you should check these other components, too. Otherwise, you might have a break in the wire which would mean isolating the broken wire and replacing it.

Mine was doing the same thing (minus the door slamming) and when I replaced the Emissions Comp. it fixed it. The emissions box controls the ground.

The green connector (to the idle solenoid) at the carb. When it won't idle, check for power at the connector. If no power, the two wires that go to the idle solenoid on the carb, ground the white wire w/blk stripe, that will bypass the emission control unit. Just put a ring terminal on it and ground it to the carb body, under a screw.

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