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Dec 22, 2002
Wandering the Wild West
Some buddies and I are in the middle of installing a header on my '84 FJ60 with 2F and at the same I have decided to de-smog. I have been reading about it and looking over Jim C's diagrams and searching the LCML archives and and PBB... but I am still having a little bit of trouble with what is what and when that is removed, what hooks to what. I am looking for some pics inside someones engine bay with a near-to-same-year 2F and how it all attaches. Anybody have anything like that or would anybody want to head out and snap a few pics of each side and front? Also, are there any
diagrams that show only what is kept and where they are reconnected to? Looking at that one that shows all the million hoses running here and there and then has the big X over the item confuses me because I don't know where the hoses then connect to after that item is X'ed....? Sorry, this is just the first time we haved messed with the smog stuff this much...
Jan 30, 2002
heres some pics:

EGR blockoff plate

Some plugged lines

More plugged lines

NPT pipe plugs in air injection rail

These doodads can be left as is

distributor connections, the open one on top needs to be connected, and open one on side needs to be plugged.

hope these images help, and it will work, it is the same on our other cruiser.


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