Daydreaming: Mild buggy?


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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
Thinking of a mild buggy. Something with a doubler, 38-40" tires, lockers and not a lot of worry about sheet metal (less is more)

Would like to do as little as possible: no desire to go to Dana axles or a v8 or to do a link suspension... staying Toyota would be desirable. Fine with liberal use of the sawzall.

No street use.

Prefer manual to auto.


FJ60/FJ62 - SOA, ToyBox($), 2F/3FE, lockers (willing to swap to alternate trans to make the doubler part easier...

Mini/4Runner - Doubler, lockers

Mini/4Runner - FJ60 axles, doubler, lockers

Seems maybe a Mini/4Runner gets the lockers and doubler for less $ as well as it is already SOA. Thinking the "best/cheapest/easiest" path is a solid axle mini/Runner.




Dec 26, 2002
Western CO and Southern Oregon
Sounds something like this? But mild might not be the right word. Although it looks mild at first look this car has hung in on the toughest 1 day offroad race in the world and been trail wheeled. Load up your firewood and sleepping bag after the race and run the Con.
If you really want to build, this platform has been beyond tough and capable. Even in a race environment.

The 4619 has proven to be a very very durable car for the Ultra4 races. I am interested in selling it to move to a V8 4Runner and IFS and stay in stock class.
I have raced this in 5 Ultra4 races and done very well.
2014 EMC at KOH Finished 6th, we were in 2nd most of the day but smashed a driveshaft and lost time.
2014 EMC National Championship Finished 6th
2015 EMC at KOH DNF, Just timed out after the traffic jam in Jackhammer
2015 EMC National Championship 3rd!
2016 EMC At KOH Finished Unofficial 2nd just past the time, no one in 4600 finished on time.
-1985 Toyota SR5 extended cab Ultra4 banded Chassis.
-The entire cage and all chassis support built by CrossedUp Customs in Tucson AZ. The craftsmanship is second to none. Extremely well thought out and executed.
-LC Engineering 22RE I have about 8k$ in the motor alone.
-LC Engineering Flywheel and Clutch
-W56 5 speed
-Front Marlin box with 4.7 gears
-Dana 300 tcase for front digs
-Only one race on front axle components Diamond front axle housing with 9.5 center section and 80 series knuckle balls. ARB with 4.88 gears, RCV 80 series shafts, Hellfire Fabworks Knuckles, new brakes, ARP Studs. This is about a 5000$ front axle!
-Rear axle 80 series with 4.88s and spool. Trussed and very durable.
-SORD Springs tuned for this cars weight. These things eat up desert chop!
-ADS 2.5 x 14" remote res shocks.
-22 gallon Jazz Fuel cell with 2 external fuel pumps.
-New PSC TC steering pump, one spare TC pump with pulley and bracket on car (Also brand new)
-6 35" Maxxis Treps 2 brand new
-Raceline Monster Beadlocks
-Parker pumper
-Lowrance Baja GPS
-Vertex 25 watt radio
-Rugged Radio Intercom RRP686
-PRP seats
-Warn 9500 with warn rope, perfect condition
I am sure I am forgetting several items. I don't even want to talk about how much I have in this little racer. It is very fun to drive and race in.

Located in Klamath Falls OR 97601

Asking 20K

Feel free to call, text, pm, reply whatever works.



I have a problem with 40s
Jul 2, 2010
Paha Sapa
This is my project that I started a few weeks ago. Over the last year or so I sold everything possible off It to buy wheelin parts with an emphasis on used parts like lockers, tires and sag steering from another 40 I parted out.

The tubing was the hardest hit that included a 12hr round trip drive to Denver for the best price on DOM I could find.

I'm starting on all the mechanical stuff first but hopefully gonna start bending tube in a few weeks.



I have a problem with 40s
Jul 2, 2010
Paha Sapa
Few more pics on my mutt 40project progress made in the last few days to give @woytovich some inspiration.
I should start a build thread but was hesitant to get flamed from the 40 crowd for cutting one and progress so far are....

Fj55 rear 2 1/2" springs and flipped front springs put the wheelbase at 96ish" all sprung under.

I removed all the stock steering and cut the shock towers off the front for future location and extended height plans.

I sold the swappers in the last pic in a few hours on Craig's today and robbed my other 40's that's stuck in the garage 36" swampers that were taking up space on the back deck for part $$$.
Next few days I'm hoping to set the steering up and move on to relocating alternator after mocking up the power steering pump.
I had plans to wheel this in three weeks at the Black Hills Cruiser Classic but my goals Don't fit my wallet.....




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