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Apr 19, 2006
Hey guy's, going to try and keep this mess concise and organized, so bear with me!

The wiring in my '67 FJ40 is an absolute mess, plus none of the factory gauges work. I'm also installing a sniper eFI kit, so I already need to delete my switched fuel pump and manual choke, and I want to cleanup the wiring to avoid any ecm RFI/EMI potential interference. I also bought a generic wiring harness and some new autometer gauges with hope to try and clean up this whole mess.

I would love any comments, insight, suggestions, etc. I am not looking to take a pure restoration approach, there's already alot of Chevy and messy stuff with this rig. I just want clean, functional, and a hint of vintage (hence why I didn't just do an aluminum overlay dash with gauge cutouts)

Here is what I have today, and what I think I'm doing:

1) The 2 locations with the yellow star, I think I've seen them on other rigs and they're relatively symmetric, are they factory holes? If so what are they for?

2) Is there a good replacement source for the common switches (headlight, wiper, vent, heat)? Not sure if it's best to do toyota, or if there are generic aftermarket ones that will do? Or maybe I just try and freshen mine up and get them better aligned / symmetrical. Or maybe convert all to toggle/rocker style?

3) My current wipers do not "return to home" when the switch it pushed in. I just have to time it right to have the wipers stop where I want them. Is that normal? Or is there something I need to do to fix that?

4) Are there any cool dash / interior features from other years I should incorporate?

5) Is there a good place to get indicator lights (high beam, turn sig, hazard, etc). I am assuming I'd source something from amazon and add them to the drop-in gauge panel.

6) Generic wiring question, what is the cleanest way to run power and/or ground to multiple terminations (I'm thinking about all the autometer grounds and 12v backlights, etc). Is best practice to just run a covered bus bar behind the dash like the link?

7) I am thinking about replacing the double gauge pod below the dash with a generic switch panel (kind of like this one), has anyone found a nice kit or would recommend something here? (usage would be OBA compressor, lockers, fog lights, and a couple spares)

8) I am planning on buying something like this for the gauge cluster, is there anything to watch out for with this, or any companies you'd recommend?

9) Would love to hear any general recommendations for my dash overhaul and/or replacing the entire wiring harness.

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