Dash Light/Catalytic Converter Question

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May 17, 2007
I apologize up front for my lack of of tech knowledge. I have a stock 40th Ann. Edition and I use it as a daily driver. Yellow dash light comes on. Owners manual says this means there is an electrical problem. Go to local dealer and they say it is a bad CO2 sensor and will cost 300+ to replace. I tell them to go ahead. They then call and say they can't get the sensor out because it is on a stud and if they try to take it out it will break off and that they need to replace the whole catalytic converter for 1600. I tell them "no" partially because I don't trust them 100% but mostly because 1600 is crazy.

Anyone know how this stuff works? LC runs fine even with the dash light on. What does the sensor do? If I don't replace it, what is the down side? Will it stop me from passing emissions test? Do the $$ numbers sound right from the dealer? Is this light (it is the yellow one on the dash, for the life of me, I can't figure out what shape it is supposed to represent by the owners manual says it means you are out of gas or have an electrical problem) indicating an electrical problem other than the sensor or does it sound to you like the sensor is the problem? If it is the sensor and it is stuck, is there a way to fix it without replacing the whole catalytic converter?

TIA for any input. I have some time to fix this and would appreciate help.
That sounds really spendy. IIRC they are about $120 each. You can get them from C-Dan (american toyota, see vendors page at the top). Give Dan a call, tell him your a Mud' member and he can get you setup with the parts. Search the 80 forum for thread RE O2 sensors. There is tons of them, and most likely will have the info you need to remove the rusted bolt yourself and replace. Best pratice is to replace both at the same time. If ones bad, the other probably isnt too far off either. With grain of salt the dash light means there is an issue that need attention, but wont render the truck un-drive able. However when the light comes on, get the code and find out what it is asap. Autozone/Checkers/Napa often will pull the code for you for free. If you can't diagnose it, get the specific code from them (P0401) or (71) or whatnot and report back this the forum and other will will most likely be able to assist in troubleshooting.

Rusty bolts sucks, but you should be able to repair yourself or help from some local mudders.

Good Luck, let use know. :)
TIA for any input. I have some time to fix this and would appreciate help.

Are you still in LI NY?

If so there are many members close to you that can help you out .
As for the O2s being rusted in if its anything like what I have seen the nuts will rust off . They can be removed without alot of of work but does take a little time .
Look around for a fellow mudder since you'll going to get the shaft from the dealership here in the NE .
Thanks for the help. I will do what you said.

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