For Sale Dana's Cruiser Collection for sale

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I have been asked to help Dana's wife Jill sell Dana's Cruiser collection and be the first contact. Since Dana (and Jill) was a used vehicle dealer, all of these vehicles are considered part of the inventory and has to be sold through the dealership.

Dana's Land Cruiser Collection

Please let me know if you have any questions.
is it possible to post some pictures of the FZJ 80's, the diesel and the white one?

is it possible to post some pictures of the FZJ 80's, the diesel and the white one?


Click the link and hit "Next" on the bottom of the page...then you can click the pics to get more shots of each.
Sorry to hear of Dana's passing
I do not have pictures of the 1997 as it is at a different location than the rest. I do need to get over there and take pictures. As I recall, it also has larger rims. which would be good to sell and get normal rims for it. I harassed Dana about that :).
Kemasa, PMed. Thanks.
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PM Sent!
fyi, that website is blocked as "adult" content at work. might want to check and see if it has been hijacked by anyone.
No, it has not been hijacked. Most likely it is because of how your work is determining whether the site is acceptable or not. It might be that where it is hosted also hosts adult sites, but they really need to do the filtering based on the domain name, not the easy method of using the IP address.

In the past, I needed to access a website for a vendor and had the same problem. They had to correct it.
Are these veh's in CA
All the vehicles are in CA, specifically the Los Angeles area, but since Dana was a used car dealer, the vehicles are not registered as they would be with a non-dealer. There could be issues getting the diesels registered in CA.
I added more pictures. In addition, it turns out that the 1997 FZJ80 has the factory electric lockers.
I added some more pictures of the half cut, from Japan, before it was shipped. Also, if anyone has some factory 16" rims, I would be interested as I want to get the 20" rims off the 1997.
FYI, I took the 1991 Diesel on the Memorial trip. Factoring in the tire size, from Pearsonville to Monache Meadows and back, with a fair bit of driving up there, it got 13.62 mpg. On the highway it got 17.71, 18.87 and 20.55, with an overall average of 19.22 mpg.
FYI, dropped the asking price on the 91 Diesel.
It is on the web page, but it is $12,500.

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