D.U.I. distributor install question

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Oct 8, 2005
Blandon Pa
After reading past posts and different suggestions on which wire to use for the (battery) terminal side of the DUI dist. I'm not sure if this is the best one for my 78 2f. I was going to use the positive wire in the first pic here even though it doesn't look like a 12 gauge like they suggest. Also, should I keep the plugs hooked up like they are in the second pic and the green plug in the third pic I would assume I could disconnect. Could someone please verify this, I'm retarded with electrical stuff. Thanks guys!
the positive wire that originally went to your coil will work
Thanks Ant, should I disconnect the smaller wire on the starter, and I realize I have to remove the copper line but did you have to remove the one stud that holds it because I can't seem to clear the DUI body past it? Thank's!
I put the nut back on the stud. Or you could take the stud out and replace it with a bolt

You have to install the DUI without the cap on - and then install the cap if I remember correctly.

I would leave the starter alone
Thank you 33!

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