CV noise (post for someone else)

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Apr 28, 2003
Turquoise Trail, N NM
I'm posting this for a guy on Club Lexus who has a LX....

"I got my new cv axle on this week and now i am experiencing an almost rubbing kind of sound we I slow down. It almost sounds like a brake pad dragging, but its not it. Any suggestions?"
Here's his resolution to the problem... I have no clue about the t-case comment. Maybe he meant the front diff or front axle housing?

"This is an aftermarket from EMPI. Built to Lexus specs. It only had one thing different about it. It has a raised flange next to the transfer case. Pulled it back off and ground that off. Problem solved.

Thanks for your time. I am going to do the other one as soon as I have the OEM one rebuilt. Then I will rebuild that one as well. The only problem was the boots were starting to leak. So I just replace the whole thing."

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