Custom Snorkel

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
I want to document my snorkel build. I'm not super proud of it, but it works.
With the air filter on top of the fender well on the passenger side I was seeing 115 to 130 degrees on my intake at about 70 ambient - which is way too high. With just the plastic part sticking out the louvers, intake temps went down to the 80's with 60 degree ambient temps. I've ordered a forward facing top and I'll report the temps when I have some.

Filter housing and plastic pipe in the interior - K&N 54-5000 Universal Air Intake System



I went to my local exhaust guy thinking they had the stainless tube and are skilled welders, but I'm not happy with what they did. the welds are ugly and the bracket is bulls***, they used the wrong 90. But, it's up. Maybe I can clean it up some.


Very nice. I need to do something also. I was just at Cruise Moab and did my first real rock crawling since my conversion. Crawling around the rocks, I saw IAT temps at 165 degrees - about 100 degrees over ambient. Way too hot. I saw the filter housing is a K&N. What did you use for an air filter? Was it a K&N also?

My set up currently.

Looks pretty good...

You should take that piece off that the tube passes through and use it as a template to make a solid piece with a hole in it. It would look a lot cleaner without the louvers in it.
Ya, UZJ40 I agree about the louvers. I'll work on that.

Yes, FFLCFreak my intake was similar to yours, and the headers just produce a huge amount of heat and apparenlty the FJ40 engine compartment has zero natrual flow. I have no shroud on my radiator, and you'd think there'd be some airflow through the bay at highway speed, but no.

160+ is way too hot. My tuner told me it's a real issue with the tune on these engines when you get close to 130. The ECM is reducing horsepower at those temps to try to control detonation. One I get this stabilized, I'm going to try wrapping the pipe in the engine compartment and see if that helps too.

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