Curtains for an 80!

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Sep 30, 2005
In order to make the LC more GF friendly I have to keep the morning light out, so any ideas for curtains. Her toaster has a wrap around curtain, but does not fit the LC. :frown: I use a windshield shade for the front windshield. TIA!:cheers:
I made some out of some brown rip-stop nylon from Hancock Fabrics. It's almost a perfect match for the dark brown in the LX interior. They are easily removable, and fold up really small. I made a single layer for the back door windows, held on with three small strips of velcro on the top of the door frame, and two on the sides...the rear slide out curtains were done in a similar way. I need to redo my back slider curtains, because i cut them with scissors and they frayed a bit. If you cut ripstop nylon, use a woodburning tool to melt it....makes the edges much nicer. I leave the slider curtains in place all the time, and put up the back door curtains when we go on road trips to block out the sun.

Two layers of the brown ripstop will make block out about 90% of the light. I made a double layer for the rear window in a hurry, and the way i had it mount to the rear hatch interfered with the window gasket, causing a small leak during a torrential downpour. Make yours fit around the trim, not on the seal, and you should be fine.

Make posterboard templates of everything, and use the woodburning tool on a piece of metal. Use a metal straightedge to cut with.
We have a similar issue on our boat. The summer sun comes up at like 4:30am here, so when camping on the boat I found a solution that may apply here as well. I bought some black static cling plastic and cut it to shape with a razor knife. Completely blacks out the portholes and the overhead hatch and lets us sleep in while on vacation like you're supposed to.....

For the Cruiser it would be a bit of a pain since we have 10 side windows, the rear hatch glass and the windshield (which would be impossible with static cling).
Okay, I found some curtains on JC whitney for RVs! It is 120x24 long, washable poly blend and comes in beige to match the camo job! With a little mod it will work!:cheers:
I made a quick set from bed sheets and some string. I used them for 3 years or so and they worked well. In the morning I just slid the curtains to the pillars and put a gum band around the middles. One I ran across the back of the front seats. When I closed these I would drape the curtains over the front seats. Now I have a fancy set from Mot but never used them.

This thread is sweet. I was planning on doing this very same thing for the same reason. Probably will use snaps on the ceiling if they aren't too dificult to put in.
I don't think snaps would be a good idea because you may deform the headliner taking them off and on. BUT now I have been giving this some thought and I am considering dropping the headliner again (easy on a 97) and gluing in some magnets on the backside of the headliner. Then all I would need to do is get some fabric panels made and add a small coin sized disk of steel stitched to match the location of the magnets. Then there would be no marks nor any evidence of the screen or curtains.
These are the curtains that came in my 81, probably some dealer installed option along with the camping kit.
They have runners top and bottom, with velcro closures. Only have them on the 3 windows though.

DUDE - is that a Jeep in your driveway?! You holding out on us?! OMG! :eek:
These are the curtains that came in my 81, probably some dealer installed option along with the camping kit.
They have runners top and bottom, with velcro closures. Only have them on the 3 windows though.

That's a factory option for the "Active Vacation" model, I believe!

I've picked up a new set of the curtains in hopes to pick up the rails, but have not come across them yet. :doh:

I've just sold a pair of the screens, but can get more.
Also, the same manufacturer makes the quilted shades (LC60/80/100, and other vehicles not limited to Toyota) if you want them. :grinpimp:
Women's fabric stores also sell something called, Black-Out material.
It's the stuff your grandmother had behind her upholstered drapes.
It keeps out 100% of the light.
I found out about it when I was making my budget front projection home theater. Seems that the guys at AVForums used the stuff wrapped around a wooden frame as a cheap alternative to the expensive HT screens.

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