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Aug 3, 2016
Australia qld
Does anybody know if there is a difference between a 58010 ct26 from a 12ht and a 58020 ct26 from a 1hdt besides the clocking?
New to this forum but I'm loving it so far

I had a very cracked 58020 housing on my 1HD-T and ended up purchasing a partially finished aftermarket housing from Foreal. If you check out my Photobucket link on my profile page and open the turbo folder under HDJ81 pics you can see some pictures. The main considerations when comparing housings that I am aware of are the AR(area/radius) and waste gate hole diameter. AR being the most important as. In my pics you will see a supra housing which has a larger AR than the 1HD-T unit. I have no idea what the 12HT uses but that is what to look for...

Hope that helps a bit....

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