CS130D alternator to FJ60 wiring

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May 12, 2013
Longwood, Florida
EDIT: Post #14 in this thread has the correct wiring connections!

I am in the midst of a V8 converstion, and working on wiring.

There is SO much information on the CS130D GM alternator out there, it has me confused. I have conflicting information from several sources, and now I don't know which is right.

The bottom line is I have a plug I bought, and need to connect it to the Toyota harness. One wire in the Toyota plug is "12v when engine is on", the second is the "charge light"

I know the I/O on the alternator is 1. Stator, 2. Regulator 3 Field, 4. Sensor.

I think the regulator wire connects to the Toyota charge light.

I think the sensor wire should connect directly to the alternator output.

I think the other two wires are not used.

There is no labeling I can find on the alternator or the plug. Which end is which?

Could someone tell me which color wire, on my plug in the pic, is which, and whether my connections to the output and charge light are correct?


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Sounds like you are on the right track. What you have described is how mine is wired.

The red wire is the sensor.

A good test is to make sure the alt light comes on when the key is at the ignition position.

Also, try searching in Google images for some good pics.
JCJ thank you for the advice.

Here is where it gets confusing:

Look at the plug in the link you sent. My red wire is on the opposite end of the plug from the link, when you look at the clip that holds the plug in the alternator.

Is the bottom connection to the alternator, as seen in this picture, the sensor wire?

Thanks again


Thanks - you ARE helping!

the Painless wiring plug pic helped to confirm what I thought after your post - I think the red wire is in the wrong place on my plug.

I am good now, I will charge forward.....
Ok, I have the yellow in the plug to the yellow in the Toyota harness,(sensor wire), should be to the light also.

Green on my plug goes to the black w/stripe wire in Toyota harness.

Heavy wire is on the Alt output terminal.

The blue and red on the plug go nowhere, I just stuck them in there to get them out of the way.

In the key on position, the dash gauge gives me 12v, but no charge light. I don't have a running engine just yet, so no idea what that will do.

Am I ok?


Hey John,
This seems to be opposite of what you have in your 1st post.

"I think the regulator wire connects to the Toyota charge light."
"I think the sensor wire should connect directly to the alternator output."

Also, this is how to connect the CS 130 . I'm running the CS130.

The CS 130D seems to have completely different components.

Painless has a different plug for the CS130D. From what I can tell. you use the green & blue wires from your plug;

Note the pin configuration does seem to be different between the two.

Good luck
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Thanks again.

I have a ground wire running from the alt mount right to the negative terminal

Looks like I need to change my wiring though! I haven't run it, and the battery is back on the garage floor, so no harm done.

I will take another shot at it. Thank you fr the advice.

These are good questions...I think this area (GM Alt interface with LC Wiring) is one of the most poorly documented and lacks support. I started a thread on teh 5.7 but I'm guilty of not following up on it.

"we" should setup a known good guide for the various GM common engine swaps and related GM alternators. IF there is anything close to this I've not seen it. I'm sitll guilty of running a single wire CS144 alt on my 5.7.
Correct connection for CS130D to Toyota

I just came in from figuring this out. It's not rocket science, but it took some homework.

The plug in the photo is the plug I used. You may have other wire colors, use the clip location on the plug to figure out which one is yours. I found posts on other forums with CS130D with various wire colors on the plugs.

The blue in the plug to the yellow in the Toyota harness, which goes to the dash light.

Green on the plug goes to the black w/stripe wire in Toyota harness, this is hot when the ignition is on.

Heavy wire in the Toyota harness is on the Alt output terminal. You'll need to put another eye on it, the existing lug won't fit.

The yellow and red on the plug go nowhere, I just taped them over and stuck them in the wiring harness to get them out of the way.

Connect a #4 wire from the alternator output to the positive battery post. This will let the high amp output from the alternator go right to the battery, and not have to go through your 25 year old harness.

Now, with the Alternator connected this way, you have a "charge" light on the dash when you should, and the gauge indicates alternator output voltage.

Note: the painless wiring manual, page 13, shows the pin out for a CS130D alternator http://www.painlesswiring.com/Manuals/10107.pdf

I hope this helps someone in the future.


Nice Job!

It's difficult trying to search info on the CS130D and filter out the ton of stuff that's only applicable to the CS130:beer:

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