Cruiser Friendly Body Shops in MA.NH

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Jun 23, 2009
Natick, MA
Hey Guys,

Wondering is you guys know of any Cruiser(FJ40) friendly body shops in MA(say east of Worcester) or southeastern NH?

I've got some quarter panels, rockers, and a rear sil that need to be put on and primed. I am no body man and can't do it myself. My local shops seem to be crazy busy for some reason and I am not liking their prices or timelines.....

Kina in NH can do it. Resto shops will charge you a bundle.
That's the thing though...not too many body shops, regular body shops, don't want to deal with rust/resto issues, so they will generally charge you more and give you unreasonable timelines to get you to move on. Options are then limited to shops like Tedd's. They are expensive for sure, but his work is great! Maybe its time to learn some body skills :) save a few bucks....mine suck too!
Poor Wallys Land Cruiser Emporium in N. Pownal VT. Does good work and is a great guy. He built the bed for my truck from scratch (check out my build thread).
x2 on Tedd & CS - All Aspects:)


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