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Nov 28, 2011
Santa Cruz, CA
UPDATE: Grand County has removed the 250-person limit for events. We are moving forward with Cruise Moab 2021, at last!
  • Cruise Moab 2021 early registration will open on Sunday, Feb. 21 for anyone who was registered for the 2020 event (that was canceled due to COVID-19). We'll send out an email with details.
  • Cruise Moab 2021 regular registration will open on Wednesday, Feb. 24. We'll send out an email to the CM notification list. If you're not on the list, you can sign up here.

1. This will be a masked-up event. Masks will be required during registration, tech inspection, drivers meetings, and any gatherings at the Old Spanish Trail Arena. People who refuse to wear a mask will be asked to leave, and if they don’t comply, the staff at the Old Spanish Trail Arena has been instructed to call law enforcement. Seriously. The Grand County attorney has made it clear they intend to enforce and prosecute people who don’t comply with wearing a mask. If we aren’t on the same page with them, we may lose our event permit for future years.

If wearing a mask rubs you the wrong way, please don’t come to the 2021 Cruise Moab. Wait until next year when (hopefully) things will be back to normal.

2. There will be no vendor night, no group dinner, and no raffle. This will be a minimalist version of Cruise Moab that is mainly about wheeling trails during the day and hanging out around the campfire in very small groups at night. If you’ve never been to Cruise Moab, coming in 2021 will not give you the full experience. Make plans for 2022. On the other hand, we know some of you long-timers will probably love a version of Cruise Moab that is stripped down to the bones. Fair enough.

3. Reduced Price: since we’re not doing a vendor night, raffle, or dinner, this year’s price has been reduced from $250 to $200. Woo hoo! Please note: that doesn’t include BLM fees for you and your passengers.

4. Limited Merchandise. We’re doing men’s and women’s t-shirts only this year. No hoodies, no kids shirts, no baseball caps. Please order extra shirts when you register — merchandise sales at the event will be limited if we have them at all. FYI: this year’s shirt design is super cool!

5. Camping will be available at the Old Spanish Trail Arena. You can pitch a tent on the race track for $10/night. You don’t need a reservation if you’re tent camping. They also have a few spots for campers with hookups for electric & water, which you will need to reserve in advance. More details here.

6. Trail selection will happen in March. As in recent past years, we have separated trail selection from the registration process. If you're not sure about your current status, use the links below to join or renew:


Dec 13, 2014
Just a heads up. Our grocery store can't keep up with demand. As I write this, hamburger, bread, other essentials are cleaned out. Waits at restaurants are rediculous. Things may be different by then but you may want to bring backup provisions. Beer seems to be well stocked so there is that.
Jun 5, 2018
Anyone get their trail assignments? What are you doing?


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