Crossing the Verde at Sheeps Bridge

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Mar 10, 2004
Scottsdale Arizona
I went up to Sheeps Bridge last week to see if I could cross. The road from the crossing at Horseshoe to Sheeps Bridge is fast and smooth(even for 80:flipoff2:) Less then a 1/2 hour from Horseshoe crossing to Sheeps Bridge. I was able to walk the crossing but it was 3' deep with some current. I was by myself and the road was so nice to Horseshoe that I did not cross. The crossing is short but because of the depth and current I would recommend to anyone crossing to have another vehicle available. But I would have no problem crossing with a back-up vehicle. Keep in mind the last recovery at Sheep Bridge was $2500 per Cave Creek ranger district.

The area was very clean for Sheeps Bridge and there was only one camper for the entire area.
that doesent look to bad !!!
that doesent look to bad !!!

Its not but like I said it is 3' deep with current. I did walk it but my return trip across was not as good....My flops are somewhere at Horseshoe dam but on the plus side my camera is waterproof.:hillbilly:

When do you want to go?
I'll let you go first . well put the winch cable on you. you drive across :flipoff2:
That is either a blue healer or an ant eater..:hillbilly:
looks like she spends some time on the couch:D
I crossed there on Thanksgiving day. Water came over the hood and I could feel the current pushing on the truck.

I am ready to do that with you Phil, when?
I have been through there in my dad's truck and water was over the hood and pushing the truck...was glad I locked the axles before I went in because I am pretty sure I would have had problems if I had not.

This for me is the advantage to ARB vs factory locker....engage at any speed or RPM
About two weeks ago somebody posted on AZFJ pics of an FJC going across there... looks pretty friggin deep to me!


wow, my pig wont go that deep, anywhere near the hood and it floats enough to lose traction.
Howdy! Looks like he is pushing about a foot of tidal wave. Still way over his tires. My weatherstripping ion the doors is so bad I'd sink like a rock if I got in anything above the bottom of the doors. But, I do have a box of brand new W/S to put on for my next project. John
Oh, duh... yea that's clearly not the same spot. I gotta lay off the funny plants...

Count me out of crossing stuff like that... the 'fun' to 'death of the truck' ratio is a little off for my tastes.

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