Couple knob questions!

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Jun 26, 2005
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What is this "throttle" knob for?

And what is this broken off knob under the brake warning light

The throttle knob is so you can hold a certain rev/speed by pulling it out a little, a bit like a manual cruise control. I use mine if I am idling up the beach so it rest my foot from the accelerator.

I have a later model 40 and its RHD so I don't know what the other switch is.
broken toggle is not original, could be the PO added some extra lights or similar. should be fairly easy to trace the wires to see where they go.
The hand throttle was used to rev up the engine and hold it at a certain point when using the PTO accessories. I had one on my 62 and it was great for warming up the engine when it was super cold or if I was using the winch (Warn 9000, not the PTO sadly). It kept everything charged up as the winch added extra strain on the electrical system during use. Some people use it as a cruise control of sorts, but I never tried that.
Ah yes i kinda thought it would be like a cruise control type thingy. Ill have to trace it back the carb as it doesnt do anything when pulled.
On my 74' the 'Throttle' knob connected to the gas pedal linkage not thru to the carb.
I can take a pic of the linkage tmw if it would help.
It's not mounted at the moment, but can prob show were it attaches if it would help.

Cheers, Allen
Here's one in use on my 1979 BJ40:



Thats pretty cool. Wonder why ive never noticed on other cruisers ive been in and owned
I put a hand throttle on my 60, I seem to remember you can still get the OEM parts from Toyota...
I think all diesel 40-series automatically got them from the factory.
all the older fj40s ive owned 64,65 came with a throttle they manually disengage so be careful using them for cruise control .any factory pto winch truck i had also had a throttle
There's a guy in the 80 series section selling those cables - it's the brackets and the all-important throttle pedal assembly that is hard to find . Probably just have to mod the 80 one to fit and add the tab on the pedal myself .
Another project I don't have time .

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