Costa Rica Panama BJ40 3 week Trip

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Mar 12, 2007
Costa Rica Panama BJ40 25 Day Trip Videos

I posted a few months back about this trip. We have most of the Videos up now and just few more to edit. It took just bit over 3 weeks to make the circle. We went from the NW coastline of Costa Rica, through the middle then hit the Caribbean Coast, went down into Panama then crossed over again and came all the way back up the Pacific coast to Playas Del Coco. We had minimal issues for the whole trip. :steer:

I think I became a better video editor towards the end. If you like the vids rate them if you want. Feel free to ask any question about border crossings and or Costa Rica\Central America. I'll do my best to answer.

Here are the vids so far.

Tasty Iguana
Spearing an Iguana, Prepping and Eating the Tasty Lizard Video - Metacafe

Day 21 and 22 Sleeping on the river and eating weird stuff in Tambor.
Costa Rica Day 21 Sleeping on the River Outside Tambor - Video

Day 20 Crossing the Golfo Nicoya with the BJ40.
20 Crossing Golfo Nicoya, Puntarenas Ferry - Video

Day 17 through 19 The port town of Golfito And Playa Uvita
Day 17&18 Golfito and Uvita Video

Day 16 and 17, Back into Costa Rica. Pavones
16,17, Out of Panama, Into Pavones Costa Rica Video

Days 14 through 16. Lot's of mishaps but, Central America is always an experience.
14-16 Lost in Panama Video

Day 12 and 13, Finding Indigenous Folks and drinking Cheecha
12&13, Native American Bri Bri, Talamanca Mountains Video - Metacafe

Day 11, Beach Camping,Exploring Jungle,finding food, and monkeys.
11, Beach Camping and Jungle Exploration, Cahuita Video - Metacafe

Day 9 and 10, Cruising into Limon, 1st time on the Caribbean Coast.
9&10, Limon, Caribbean, Costa Rica Video - Metacafe

Day 8, Freezing cold at Volcano Irazu
8, Freezing Cold in Costa Rica, Irazu Volcano Video - Metacafe

Day 6 and 7, Stuck in San Jose
6&7, Stuck In San Jose, Hostel Pangea Video - Metacafe

Day 4 and 5, Camping and mudding at Lake Arenal and Volcano pics
4&5, Lake Arenal, Camping in the Rain Video - Metacafe

Day 3, Camping in Pedro's backyard.
3, Cano Negro, Alligator City Video - Metacafe

Day 2, Back in Murcielago and whining and crying.

Day 1, Eating off the Beach, the first Campsite, Tasty Cactus.

The Blue Beast, Pre-trip intro to the BJ40 Diesel Land Cruiser.
Intro To Blue, BJ40 Diesel Landcruiser Video - Metacafe

This is the link to the main channel.
ThadandJodiCostaRica's Channel

Have about 2 more vids to post. The next trip I think will be from Costa Rica to Nevada.

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Well, we had minimal issues not counting the radiator and diesel leak. My radiator needed replaced before we left and I didn't do it......... and of course, after driving through 10 rivers and 100s of miles of rough roads, it cracked and we had too replace it on way out to Guapiles. We found the one landcruiser specialist in San Jose. Thank God!

The diesel tank had rust in the bottom and developed a hole which we got patched in David Panama for 30 bucks. Other than what should have been taken care of before we left........Blue held up well.
I love Diesels!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like it was a great trip. Did the Iguana taste like chicken? Where was your favorite beach camp?

A bit like chicken but tougher. The good way to do it is in a stew. We were just hungry and roasting was the fastest.
The best camp I think was in Cahuita. There are tons of places to camp. Also up north toward Nicaragua in Guanacaste is pretty cool.
New videos posted on the top part of the thread. Will post more in a week or so.
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I got a question about security. Did you have any encounters which made you uncomfortable? Anything get stolen?
fun time and security issues

We didn't get robbed on this trip but there were a few situations that were interesting. When camping in Cahiuta, we were going to stay an additional night on the beach and some locals told us it might be dangerous. They said that there were tres negros that might rob us the next night. We left and avoided confrontation.

I had a small crossbow and a big knife with me and we had mase handy. Good planning and a providing an strong image will keep you out of most troubles. I alway had my gerber LMF fixed blade with me as well.

Jodi and I have spent lot's of time in combat zones courtesy of Uncle sam. I don't worry about her much. I would definately be sure if accompanied by a girl, that she's the right kind of person for the trip though.

And bring an ugly one, that'll definitely save some trouble.

Don't do border crossings at night. They are shifty areas in Central America. I don't like any of them.

I was politely asked to pay a Panamanian cop 40$ for not wearing a seat belt. He said I can pay now or pay at the courthouse in David. Dirty Dirty Cops. It went right into his pocket. Always keep a little cash somewhere.

Bring a dog that barks at stuff. Our little min pin guarded our tent all night. Anything within 100m, he barked at. I was annoying sometimes but I slept knowing no one was going to sneak up n me.

Always have a secret stash of cash hidden, hide passports and carry copies. Distribute money and Credit cards so that everything can't be stolen at once.
If you have a weapon be familiar and used to it. Muscle memory is all you have when you're freaked out. Be friendly and helpful with everyone. One kind gesture can stop you from being a target. And always have plan when you're in a new area.
Have a good medkit with speedy tourniqutes and lots of gauze. Safety is not as big of an issue in Central America and the opportunities to give medical attention seems to come about more often that when I lived in the US.
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We saved some dude that almost drown near uvita. We were flagged down on the highway by a family crying and yelling. We came up on this guy that got caught in a rip tide and struggled and drank a bunch of sea water. He had a pulse, breath and was barely conscious. They were trying to make him drink coke to get some fluids in him. I was like "noooooo' don't do that, that'll kill'em" We grabbed a little Camelbak and let him sip water with a dash of gaterade for electrolytes until he started to feel better. A sip at a time. The ambulance arrived a half hour later. It was fun.
Unlucky I'm not visiting this section more often .. but I have greaet friends in Chiriquí, that sure wil be pleased to help you and offer great tips for trails and trips there .. with less cop issues ..

Next time drop me a mail ..

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