corner window question

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Dec 2, 2002
Helena MT
I was under the impression that all 45 corner windows are the same size.
mine measure aprox 12 1/2" long
40 windows aprox 15 1/2"
this for sale thread has these that measure aprox 14 1/2"

are later 79+ windows different or were these cut down 40 windows???

Those are cut down, all 45 windows are the same.Not sure how those became that size?
Whether cut down or not, that size shouldn't fit the guy's red 1979 truck pictured, unless his window cutouts were enlarged. I'm not acquainted with the fixed-top early 45 pickup, but by 1979 the pickup windows were standardized. I just measured a loose one for a 45 pickup here and it's 12-3/16" tall, narrower at the top, wider at the bottom, and of course, LH vs RH are different.

So the question is: what DO they fit, is the guy mixed-up and they came from something different--are they imprinted "Toyota", "Asahi" glass company, "tempered", or do they fit something home made? I know other vehicles used curved windows. Without seeing the other dimensions, they look like the 14-1/2" tall curved windows on a Land Rover pickup-- the glass markings could help. And if they were cut-down from another application, I would want to know that they fit perfectly, not "sorta," with the correct OEM weatherstripping.
@Bear and @whitey45 thanks, I thought something was odd after measuring mine. I talked with him and am passing on the purchase.
Bear, fixed top 45's didn't have corner windows.
Thanks. Being a novice with the early fixed tops( that don't have curved windows), I guess that's why I couldn't recall their size !

I do have a Land Rover pickup with 14-1/2" approx. tall curved windows, but since they're installed, can't compare the actual height and width, and the overall radius and flare curve to see if they are compatible with the Toyota. I think the seller is confused as to where he acquired those.

Glad you cancelled the purchase.
While the 45 only had one size the FJ40 had at least two. Early corner windows on the FJ40 were smaller. Not saying that much different just different. Not sure where but I do have a early loose corner window some where. Have a few loose newer corner windows.

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