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Sep 15, 2016
Durham, NC
Has anyone used Copart before and have any advice? I'm looking to pick up a motorcycle for track use only and saw some good options on there for my needs. I've never used Copart though and have been reading around their site but trying to understand how it works for an individual. I see I'll need a membership, either a cheap one and I have to put down a 10% deposit at time of bidding or a more expensive membership that doesn't require deposit. I've seen that fees for individuals can really stack up however.

I see there are options to broker through someone but that gets expensive quickly.

Fees stack up for individuals and dealers. I have a friend who owns a junkyard. Be prepared for fees you never even thought of. He said as a dealer it is not uncommon to see $900-1,000 in fees on a car when he buys it. He has started buying much less from them as a result.
I paid 20% on fees and other pick up fees. There is a way to pay 10% but you have to set the account up as a dealer. The member ship is about $200 plus another $400 for something else. If the motorcycle is not that expensive, it may no be worth it the buy it from them.
I too have been considering a runabout motorcycle but I was going to stick with ebay, facebook marketplace, and craigslist.
Thanks guys. I'm looking to pick up a 2017+ YZF-R6 or R1 for the track to replace my current naked liter bike.

Sounds like the fees are killer on Copart. I'll continue keeping an eye out on the WERA forums/FB groups for a prepped bike.


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