Considering a 1996 V6 3.4 Prado, what should I look for?

Jul 26, 2007
The Caribbean
Hi all,
I'm a Toyota 4x4 loyalist, have had 4Runners, LC 90, 100, 200, Rav4 in the past...
Currently considering a 1996 all stock Prado with 200000 km on the ODO, would be the oldest I have owned therefore I'm unsure it is a good buy and would like your opinions please;
The body is fine but will need full re-spray.
Engine; still has the grunt although hadn't been servised for a WHILE, some oil wetness on one upper side next to the oil cap..
Brake pedal very soft and spongy..
Gear shift is very loose.
Electrical cables going through the door and door frame have lost their overall wrapper tape.
Driver seat's back is stuck in a slightly reclined position, the others are fine.
Suspension seems fine.

Intention is to use it for everyday island traveling, some off-roading and fun so may lift and install larger wheels and tires, suggestions please?
Would you buy it for $10,000 and what problems should I look for before buying?

The issue: all necessary parts and or accessories will have to be imported with high import tax and shipping..
Any and all ideas, thoughts or advise you offer would be greatly appreciated..

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