Conflicted over Trailer Choices. Recommendations perhaps

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Apr 30, 2019
Hi All,

Excellent site

I first posted this over on another forum and a kind individual answered but pointed me to this forum- which I didn't know existed LOL

I've been researching off Road Camper Trailers and have narrowed my selection down to the Conqueror 440 Extreme or the VMI OffRoad Alpine- I think.
My first choice would have been the Bruder EXP6 but $100,000 is well beyond my price range. That being stated, it seems that VMI has revamped their product line to essentially the same price range . According to Mike at VMI the Alpine is about $80k and the Compass is about $90k plus depending on options, though it is not as yet reflected on their site

If anyone has advice or experience with either line , or even another manufacturer, your input would be greatly appreciated.

Another resource to consider as well, is the trailer section on Expedition Portal.....these guys are primarily pig farmers and hillbillies here..:beer:

The air opus off road is a fantastic choice. Off road popup trailer weighing in at under 3k pounds and inflates with air tubes
Check out TetonX too...their new-ish Hybrid model looks interesting. However at 85" total width its wider than what I'd ideally want.

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