For Sale Completely rebuilt FJ40 axles front and rear.

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Sep 30, 2011
Oak Lawn, IL
United States
I'm selling a set of FJ40 axles I had completely rebuilt by Georg from Valley Hybrids @orangefj45 and then powder coated satin black. I decided to go a different (completely crazy) route with my Aqualu build.

The front axle now is running completely rebuilt FJ60 knuckles and disc brakes, the rear is a late model 40 full floater axle with self adjusting drum brakes with built in E brake. Knuckles, brakes, bearings, Warn hubs, everything new. They are running 3.7 highway friendly gears. This would be a perfect upgrade for an early 40 looking to get the strength and better brakes of later axles without the headache.

This is the break down from Georg on what has been done and what I paid...

FF rear axle $600
brake shoes $49
brake hardware kit $39
wheel bearings $90
seals ( inner and outer ) $38
new inner slingers OEM $62
parking wires $62
diff studs $10
wheel hub stud kits ( times 12 ) $48
wheel brake cylinders $54
brake drums $140
pinion seal and stake nut $16
rear axle labor $300 ( we have a lot more time into this but since there were quite a few more parts needed)
Front axle housing and third member and inner shafts $175
Complete disc brake knuckles $350
New Warn locking hubs $259
Knuckle kit $95
New wheel bearings $90
Spindle lock kits $24
HD inner seals $18
Reman loaded calipers $139 ( for both )
New rotors $84 ( for both )
caliper paint $10
caliper hard lines $14
pinion seal and stake nut $16
gear oil $40
Labor to rebuild knuckles and assemble front axle $500
Hot tank both axle housings $50
powder coat axle housings and backing plates $450 ( includes blasting )

I'm looking for $3500 or best offer, axles are located in Stockton California, word is that there is a good Cruiser mechanic there that could install these on your truck or change out the gears as easy as pie, right Georg?;) Georg, chime in if I forgot anything.

I'm also selling an Old Man Emu (OME) 2.5 inch lift suspension kit (new leafs, OME shocks, shackles) with a 4plus U bolt flip kit for $1500 and will give a discount if you buy the axles and suspension together.

PM me if you are interested or if you have questions. Thanks for looking-
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I'll help ship, you pay. I really don't want to separate just yet, which axle were you interested in?
If Roma takes the rear axle the suspension could ride on the same pallet and I chip in on that. Let me know.
Don you need to post some pics of these. They are immaculate!!!!!

Georg @ Valley Hybrids
Good deal. Glad these,are going to a good home.

Georg @ Valley Hybrids

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