Complete 1977 Pig $1400 [OR]

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Nov 26, 2005
United States
This is an old friend's Pig. He used to have it for a DD and then the trans or tcase went out on it and he was going to swap in a new one but never did. Not sure why he says it needs an engine, I know he was struggling with bad MPG's but who knows how he was driving it. Last I knew of it ran fine. It was all stock besides the wheels and I think the front seats were changed. Interior was pretty decent but the rockers were a little beat up and I think there may have been some rust in the front fenders. It's a good start for someone. I can store it at my place if anyone wants to travel for it.

anybody want to transport a pig to colorado? that'd be great for the powertrain in the blue pig!
Nice rig......

Gotta say a B diesel is old and not much left in parts for those engines, short run here in North America..

Fellow mudder many moons ago put me onto a 55 in Bend Oregon, so I had a look... pretty much rust free desert style for 800 bucks, cheap bugger that I am turned it down...:rolleyes:
Welllll.....this wasn't supposed to happen! I ran into a little money...sent the guy an email...


The Pig checking out the new tail in the yard...

Well then you can guess what happened next. The Pig is incorrigible! I believe I will have a whole litter of Pigs in another 6-9 months. I had to avert my eyes!

Its a 77, only a little rust but a lot of dents. Transmission and engine are there. No transfercase...hint hint...anybody?? Interior is AWESOME! A bunch of little upgrades to the engine like electronic points and a weber. I'm trying to fire it up now. Its been sitting for 4-5 years. Also had an almost complete vintage air kit sitting in the cargo area. Gonna see if the PO can wrangle up the last of the parts for that. Has some sort of humongous long range tank hanging from the butt.
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Nothing so far. I got the 2F running but it blows a considerable amount of smoke out of the valve cover recirculate hole. Discovered a large cache of new parts in the back of it including most of a NIB vintage air system, shackle lift, and a brand new Toyota windshield wiper motor. Also the tires might have 100 miles on them and still have the nipples and a receipt for them 33x12.5x15's. Turns out it has a 64 gallon fuel tank installed plus a $550 receipt for that too. Also has a weber and a electronic points system. Someone dumped a bunch of money into this thing and then couldn't afford to replace the transfercase. I will probably be parting it out. The rust is just bad enough and there is a dent in almost every panel to make it not worthy of restoring. I also found a MPG log in the backseat that said this guy was getting 7 MPG on a regular basis!
Wow, what a score. Keep us posted. 7 MPG- I believe it. My old '76 FJ40 was in the single digits too. It seems that all Toyota 6's, up until the mid '90s V-6, are terrible on gas and the 2F is the worst.

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