Cobb cooker

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Looks interesting. I wonder how they hold up during transporting...say in the trailer getting banged around a little.
Well, it comes with a carrying case, and I usually add some padding to my cookware so I don't here it. Maybe some air packs or something.
heres some 4 pages of search results from another mainly touring based aussie forum exploreoz.

There is a heap of stuff there on these things. I dont have one personally so I can't comment.. but from everything ive read they do a good job.
That seems like a lot of $ for a sheet metal charcoal grill. Maybe I'm missing the point, though. I suppose this is a slow roaster that runs on charcoal, but i don't see how it is better than much cheaper alternatives. I will admit it looks interesting, and it would be great if someone I go camping with bought one to check out!
I read a report in a local 4wd mag and it was very positive.
I like the idea that it can be used as a heater as well. Might be just the thing for drying clothes after wet day on the trail;)

Its not cheap but any quality teflon coated cooking implement never is
I owned one for about a year after which I sold it. It certainly is easy to use and take very little fuel. eg, I bake a bread in 40 minutes with 6 peaces of charcoal. It is also easy if you want to make pizza (which I did a few time) and roast chicken and the likes. What irritated me was the shape which makes it more difficult to pack and most of all that cleaning it is a bitch. Especially the fatty parts that burns into the moat in the bottom.

It also get advertised that one can use it indoors as it is cool outside but alas, any smoke coming from the top quickly fill up a room so make sure the room is well ventilated.

Guys, this is a fancy low fuel cooker that has some positives and negatives. Decide for yourself.

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