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Sep 28, 2003
ok, my clutch went out on my Cruiser and i am going to buy the parts and me and a freind who has done them before are going to tackle it... Question is, I have a Small Block in it that the Previous Owner put in.. do i buy a clutch for the engine or the transmission?? (4speed)''

the Previous owner had the engine put in in the late 80's and he said the conversion kit was from a company out of Cali, if that is of any help..

i know this may seem stupid, but i am a newbie give me a break.. i hope my buddy knows what he is doing.. lol

Clutch plate MUST match the tranny input shaft spline count and diameter. Pressure plate MUST bolt to the flywheel. I think I'd open it up first and see what you have. He may have redrilled the flywheel, maybe a special clutch plate, who knows!?!?
when i still had a stock tranny i was using a gm clutch and bearing,i think it was a finger clutch,the diaphram clutch stuck out too far and the bearing was always in takes some adjustment on your slave cylinder rod,but it works ok.clutch was an 11 inch 84 3/4 ton 4x4.
I run the stock 4spd with a small block and use all stock chev clutch parts. The input shaft of the 4spd is the same as the GM or SM465 tranny input shaft.
OK, What Troughout bering are you guys running on your small block cruisers??
I ended up puting a toyota bearing in, but it makes noise everytime the clutch is engaged.. any solution to this??

I got the Chevy Clutch parts but the included bearing was too small for my clutch fork
Use a Centerforce clutch, great stuff!

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