Events/Trails Club Meeting - Breakfast at Daily Grind Sat Nov 21th 9 am (DEFERED AS AN OFFICIAL EVENT) (1 Viewer)


Aug 31, 2014
Corrales, New Mexico USA
I have communicated with several active "Elders" within the club and the consensus is to defer official club gatherings/events due to the recent escalation of CV19 cases and more restrictive guidelines issued by the State. Therefore, we will not be hosting an official club breakfast this month and have also decided to cancel the club Xmas party this year as well. I hope that we can resume club activities in the near future.

We understand that some of our members may wish to still gather and do things related to our sport/hobby. We would ask that you maintain social distance, wear a mask and have fun in a safe manner.

Thank you for your understanding.

Daily Grind: 4360 Cutler Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110


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