Clicky, sticky starter!!!!

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Feb 5, 2015
Breton, Alberta
I've heard bad things about the starters in the fzj80's about clicking and staying engaged after starting. Well..... Mine started doing this the other day:( now it takes a good 10-15 cycles of the key to get the solenoid to finally fire the starter! I think there's a parts list floating around somewhere with all the rebuild info for these starters. Does anyone have the link handy or any more input?
If your truck still has it's original starter is should be a 2.2kW version.

These are the part numbers I used for my 2.2kW starter (28100-66050):

Plunger: 28235-35080
Starter kit: 28226-76100
Starter kit: 28226-54100

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