chrome split rims on MY 45-yes or no

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Apr 14, 2004
I picked up a smokin deal on a full set of 255x85x16 BFG MTs about a month ago and I'm itchin to see what they look like on the 45.

Problem is, I have enough 235s to keep me going for another 4 years, maybe longer! So I thought about buying a fresh set of white wagon wheels for my 235s and painting my old ones grey and putting the 255s on.

Then I remembered I have a set of chrome split rims I bought off a MUDer a couple of years ago for my 60. I never got around to THAT project, and the rims have been collecting dust in my backyard. I've offered them for sale a couple of times, but now I'm thinking maybe I should just run them on the 45.

I mounted one with the 245x75 that came with it and shot a pic for reference. Personally I think it's a little too much bling for a working rig. [newest examples of working rig here:]

Maybe I should keep them AND paint them grey?

Opinions wanted.
split rim-25.jpg
no..and no.

I have a set of split rims exactly like the ones on mine if you want to do some horse trading for the parts I need.. :)

When are you coming this way again?


split rims, oem sure.
just bring the 255/85/16's to moab... I'll take them off your hands :D
I will be putting the exact same ones on mybj42. I have the 16inch rims with 34x9.50ltb's,and I really like them. But if I had my choice I would much prefer the stock tab rims and hubcaps. Actually I just bought a rust bucket with the tab rims but I dont know if they will fit on any of my Au rigs,as the brake rotors are I believe larger.

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