Check engine codes?

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Jun 10, 2003
Can someone point me to the post about how to use a jumper wire under the hood to get the check engine light to flash and tell what the code is. And also, where could I find a list of the codes. I saw this info a few weeks ago, but I can't find it now! Thanks!
The ability to "jump" depends on the year model in question(you forgot to say what you were working on).

The jumper only works in pre OBDII vehicles.(94 and prior).
If you have a 95 up, you will need to procure a scan tool of one variety or another...............
Officer TrpD345 was looking at a '94 a week or two back. It sounds like that may be the one he bought.
wulfman, make a note of another reason to own a 93-94. No need to buy an OBD2 scanner!

  If it's a 94, you jump T1 and TE1 in the data link connector on the firewall, RH (US) side. Near the wiper motor.

 The special tool for that runs about 29 cents, IIRC :G

I did buy a 1994.  I saw a link somewhere that showed pix of this.  I do better with pix than words.  Also, my chk eng light will come on after you drive a little bit and stay on for a few miles.  If I cut it off and park it and then come back out later to drive it I might go a few miles and it cut off.  Do they reset themselves?  It has done this 2x.  Cut on and then cut off a couple of trips later.  By trips, I mean around the town stuff.  Thanks!
It has probably stored the code or codes that triggered the light. make yourself a little wire to do the jump thing... :G
94+CE light=code71 I bet.
pull intake chamber + several cans of carb cleaner = no CE light

You guys are great!!! I checked it and it was a 71 (egr). The paper clip worked great! Is this very common and where is some good instructions on how to fix it? Thanks!
Semiln says "wulfman, make a note of another reason to own a 93-94. No need to buy an OBD2 scanner!" Exactly!!! '93 & '94 is the way to go. Lockers & full airbags to mess with...commercial truck motor...and a paperclip is the most technical piece of equipment you need to scan the can you go wrong! :D
Except the OBD 1 system will not tell you if the flow is high or low, or much of anything except the codes unless you have the scan tool that is only good for Toyota products before 95. My OBD II scan tool will read my LC, my ECHO, the GM system in my 40, and every other 96 or later vehicle on the road in the US. It will tell me the codes and the readings for all the inputs and outputs of the ECM.
OBD II is better. Therefore 95-97 cruisers are better.
The later "smaller" trans seems to have less problems than the earlier big and clunky transmissions.
It's a common rule to never buy the first year something changed models so 93s are out completely.
95-97 dashes are cooler.
95-97 flares are bendy, inexpensive plastic rather than hard, expensive fiberglass.
I'm sure I missed some stuff, but it should be obvious to all that the 95-97 edition is the best - 'cause that's what I got :D
"93's are out completely"


 I think I'll go out and KICK mine this instant!

 The supercharged P.O.S. anyway........................ ::)
The OBD II scanner sounds great. If my mom breaks down in her '96 or later car I will have her give you a call. I hope the batteries don't die in the middle of nowhere or the LCD screen locks up cause that won't happen with my paperclip. &nbsp:Dan, time to get back in the game and this may backfire for several reasons but what are the general service costs and intervals between the two tranny's? As far as the dashes being cooler, beauty (and functionality) is in the eye of the cruiser owner. Let me know how cool it is if the SRS system needs something (hopefully not an airbag). O.K., the flare thing you got. When I rip mine off I will Rhino Line the rockers and fenders. Problem solved. :slap: :D
The Gumby has spoken and he speaketh the truth. :bow:

For me it is much less complex. The super cool DCH (that's Dash Cup Holder for you guys that have the ancient 91-94 models) gives me a convenient place to put my latte.


1993 - respect the original...

Wulfman, that dash cup holder is so darn good Toyota was afraid to install it in north american 80's because of lawsuit fears. I bet if you put a steaming hot McDonalds coffee in there, Toyota has an OBD2 warning code that will trigger. (Maybe that was the code you couldn't get rid of and couldn't figure out)

Ok, I have checked all the threads that I can find.

Where do I stick the paper clip to get the reading?

Thanks in advance!

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