CEL Flashing - PO301 Code

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Dec 21, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
Yesterday my 100 had its first ignition coil pack failure. CEL light started flashing and engine stumbled a bit. Code reader said "Cylinder 1 misfire detected". Bought a new coil from Toyota and installed it. It had different part numbers and the top of it was shorter that the originals. Has anyone else noticed this. Truck runs fine now.

I also went ahead and installed the new spark plugs I bought a couple years ago. After 153k miles the originals looked great. The Toyota spark plug wrench in the truck's tool bag worked well, except on cyls. 7 and 8 where A/C lines blocked access. Had to get a little creative:wrench:.

-Mark SR.
yeah ignition coil looks different not sure why its been redesigned but had to do mine last month- went back to dealer with old coil and old part # takes you to new one
Thank you Ron,
That's what I figured - the new one works just fine. It's the 1st time I have needed one, the originals seem to last a long time.

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