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Apr 19, 2016
Just recently, I've taken apart my CDL transfer case actuator to re-grease its internals and manage to get it moving again. Prior to all of this, I've went through several forums and tested every electrical component I could with a multi-meter and found the relay & dash lights all to be good. This led me to take out the actuator and applying new grease, which worked. However, the differential lock indicator was not turning on in the dash. The center differential locks up, I can hear the drive-train bind when making a full lock turn, and the wheel does not spin when lifting one of the front tires (all signs that I finally got the actuator to work again).

This is where I'm having problems. I replaced the 4wd indicator switch located in the front of the transfer case with a Duralast switch (JA449) mentioned in another forum for alternative switches. This solved the differential lock indicator not working problem, however, the switch was just barely actuating by about 1mm and causing the dash light to stay on. Side-by-side and making rough measurements of the switch comes up the being exactly the same in every way. What I did as a temporary fix was used the old washer to double up the washer spacing from 1.8mm to 3.6mm, and this turn the dash indicator off when unlocked and on when actually locked. I am wondering if the NAPA (NS6421) or RockAuto Beck/Arnley (2011788) alternative would cause the same problem for me as they appear to be the exact same? Otherwise, I would look for a slightly thicker washer to use instead of doubling up, which is not easy to find.

My other issue is the neutral position switch. I am pretty sure it is not working and I can't find a replacement part number (preferably something cheaper than OEM). When I drop the transfer case into neutral, I assume there is suppose to be a red A/T indicator on the dash that lights up?

Problem 1: Could someone confirm that their NAPA, Duralast, or Beck/Arnley switches are working properly? Otherwise, does anyone know where I can find a M18 (18mm ID) x 24mm OD x 3mm thick washer?
Problem 2: Does dropping the transfer case into neutral shows an indicator on the dash? And is there a part number/alternative replacement for the neutral position switch?

I tried running 9V through the old switch while actuating it a few times as another user had mentioned, and now it works again according to the multi-meter. I might just throw it back in and keep the Duralast one as a backup. It looks like this will resolve my washer spacing issue. The original OEM switch was a 1-2mm dead spot before actuating, as opposed to the Duralast one actuating with the slightest movement. And I might try to do the same for other switches to revive them.
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