CDL actuator question after installing Tcase gears

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Jan 13, 2011
Corrales, NM / Las Vegas, NV
Hello fellow mudders! I've just completed installing the 10 percent underdrive high gears in the Tcase thanks @cruiseroutfit! When I removed the Tcase I did not lock the CDL. When I was disassembling, the FSM states to put the actuator in the lock position during re assembly. Anyone know why that is? I was able to assemble everything and the CDL shift fork slides from unlock to lock with no problems. I made sure I had the shift fork in the unlock position then installed the actuator. Is there a problem with this method?
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Well I just finished installing the Tcase into the truck. Success! No, you dont have to lock the CDL actuator when you re assemble. Not sure why the FSM states that. If you remove the Tcase to do this job just make sure if you pull it in its unlocked state, assemble it in its unlocked state. Gears are great!

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