Caster Correction Report

Oct 14, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
I put my caster bushings from Ironman in a few weeks ago, and was initially unimpressed with the performance around town. However, put about 700 miles on the 80 going to seattle and back last weekend, and I can say that it definitely makes a big difference. It was pouring rain on top of snoqualmie pass with water standing on the road, and really windy on the way back to Moscow.

Previously, any of the above conditions would have made the rig hard to drive and puddles would severely affect the handling and would pull the rig to the side. I was able to cruise at 65-70 through pouring down rain and puddles and the rig rode like a dream.

Wind was also scary beforehand, but with the CC bushings, it felt like stock--the rig would rock in the wind, but it wouldn't pull.

The bottom line is that for everyday driving, the CC is pretty much unoticeable, but for highway and inclement weather, the CC bushings made a very noticeable difference in feel and safety.

FYI, I have the OME medium lift and was running stock sized tires for this trip.

Averaged 16.5 on the way out, 14.8 on the way back, total of 15.1 for the total trip.

The Ironman bushings were about half the price of OME and seemed to be very well made. I had them pressed in for about 15 bucks at a local machine shop......:D

That is all......for now:cheers:
Jan 16, 2007
I just got a set a week or so ago off Ebay $40.00 (new)
Shocks too $120 for 4
We'll see how they work but the price was right.:D

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