Cascade Cruisers for sale / wanted thread

Jul 18, 2017
Portland, OR
Yep, I had the follower, HPFP, and intake cam replaced shortly after I bought the car, the cam had some wear on the fuel pump lobe and I wanted a clean start with Ceratec to keep it protected. I prefer cars with knobs and buttons instead of touchscreens and unfortunately Audi seems to be moving toward more tech that doesn't have the same longevity as the B5/B6 gens. That's a nice B6 avant there! They definitely improved the tiptronic for the B7, it's snappy to shift manually and holds a gear on coast in sport mode so it's decent to drive. At this point I might sell our XC90 instead since they're more popular around the area.


May 21, 2004
Bend, OR
I have a 1989 FJ62 for sale.
For Sale - 1989 Fj62 in Central Oregon
I have been wanting to have an FJ60 for a while again and I came across a FJ62 and thought it might cure my desire for a FJ60, well it didn't. Turns out I really like the stickshift and round headlights. Anyway it is for sale here and I would make a good deal for a fellow Cascade Cruiser. I am open to a variety of trades, including a 60.
So I still have this cruiser. I got tired of dealing with all the clowns and said not for sale any more. It has mostly been sitting around while I was busy all summer. Now our house is for sale and it is a lot easier to move with a smaller heard. I will make a good deal for a cascade cruiser. It runs and drives great typical minor rust bubbles and pealing clear coat that you see on all these rigs. There is a small rust hole in the botom corner of the tailgate too. I fixed the e-brake and sanded down the hood and will hopefully paint and prime it sometime. I bought a full ironman suspension for it but havn't gotten around to installing it. To be honest I am working on my 80 and gx in my limited time in the shop. If no one buys it I may just put a winch and snow plow on it and tell my wife we need it for winter! I am very wiling to consider trades for a tundra, Suzuki Samurai, Polaris Ranger, or MR2 turbo.
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