Carolina Beach camping Sept 19-20 @ Freeman Park

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Aug 20, 2018
Raleigh, NC
I'll be camping at Freeman Park with @scj, Friday, Sept 19 and Saturday the 20th if anyone wants to join. We will be leaving Sunday morning. You can either reserve a camp spot or just get a day pass and hang for the day. We reserved spots 16 and 18. There are camp sites still open, but i doubt they will stay open long.

If you want a camp spot, go here to reserve (select Campsite & Daily Access Reservation): Parkmobile|Parking Made Simple

About Freeman Park: Freeman Park | Carolina Beach, NC
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Can't go this time, but this looks like a cool spot! What kids of activities do you guys do while you're there? I'm guessing there isn't any wheeling.

Also, do we know if these COVID restrictions are still relevant?

They opened camping back up after Labor Day. We mainly surf, cook out, drink, and sit by a campfire at night.

One crappy thing about the new rules is... they overcharge... and the reservation is none refundable. Meaning, if they close the park for any reason and you cannot gain access, they will not refund your money. We did not figure that out until check out. This will be my last camping trip at Freeman Park, due to their completely unreasonable terms.
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Tashi and I did our morning walk along the strand this morning, walked to the end of vehicle access, looked like everyone bugged out by our lazy 10:30 walk. Most of the camping spots were empty.

Truth be told, 1st time I’ve looked at them since I’ve moved down here, mostly walk the shoreline and haven’t visited since “tourist” season started. Those are pretty harsh parameters for the luxury of falling asleep & wakin to the sounds of the ocean.

I’ll try to connect next time you plan another trip...:cool:
@FJ Noob are you making an appearance? If you can't get a camping spot, we have two reserved. Might be able to squeeze you in. (That's what she said)

You would still need to pay for a beach pass though. Not sure if you have been there before.
Not sure...I have a bunch of schedule changes due to the weather. Might not be worth it to be in a rush all weekend to fit it in.
I won't be able to make it. Radiator is currently out of the truck.
We've got two massive camping spots if anyone wants to join last minute tomorrow. We could fit two more trucks in here. You’ll just need to buy a beach pass.

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