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Oct 18, 2002
ON my carb there is and big huge tube that goes into the carborator on the drivers side of the truck. it goes inbetween middle of the carb and the butterfly valves. It is not mentioned anywere in the FSM and neither is the lower half of the carb...(weird)...on the carb rebuild kit that i bought (not OEM because they couldn't get me one) it is called the insulator block..??? here i will attach a picture of the carb on the truck and circle the thing i am talking about. On mine its blocked off. So what the hell is this thing and what does it do?

Oh and is my carb linkage that i circled supposed to be bent??

The insulator and pipe you mentioned are stock. The insulator helps prevent transfer of heat up to the carb and subsequent boil-off of fuel.

The capped-off pipe is what's left of your EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system. It's part of the original smog control junk on the truck. It's OK to leave it capped off like that.

No, your linkage should not be bent like that. That horizontal rod should be straight. Seems like it would operate in a "jerky" manner when bent like that.


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