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Jun 17, 2005
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Since I’ve been getting a lot of questions about canvas …here is a list of the do’s and don’ts :)
I have military coated canvas...Ehsan’s canvas is waxed…but should be taken care of in the same manner as military canvas and any coated canvas.

1) To clean canvas, do not remove it from the vehicle. Either brush it dry with a stiff brush, or hose it off with clean water only.

NEVER brush or rub canvas when wet!!!
Doing this will remove the canvas finish which consists of the color and the water/mildew resistant preservative.

2) Canvas stores best on a vehicle that’s stored under cover (garaged J) if it must be removed wait until it is completely dry. Fold it carefully (protecting the window plastic) Store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight, dampness, and rodents.

NEVER remove canvas from the vehicle when it is wet!!!

3) It is normal for canvas to shrink when it is wet.

4) It is normal for the finish (color and preservative) to rub off and or fade overtime.

5) New canvas will usually “shrink to fit” the vehicle. Looseness is usually designed into the canvas and will tighten up after going through a couple of wet and dry cycles.

6) To renew the water and mildew resistant finish, you should apply a coat of Canvak canvas preservative every year or two.
Canvak is a colorless liquid that can be applied by roller, spray (spray in the recomended method) or brush. A gallon does about 100 sqft.

7) To clean the plastic windows, first hose off heavy dirt with water. Then use a soft cloth with a product such as Plexus designed for cleaning vinyl windows.

Any furthur questions feel free to ask :)
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I have a canvis top and asked this ? to all the hunters I know.
No one knew.

Where do you get the canvak???

I have had my top on 2 years the top rag is NFG.
Leaks like a speg. strainer now. Needs a restoration.
Looked online and couldn't find anything to recoat the canvas.
I use Canvak to retreat all my canvas tarps. It stinks baaaaad, but it works.

Good stuff.

Meguiar's Mirror Glaze works real well for rag top windows. I learned about it from an aircraft mechanic who used it on airplane windows. Wouldn't touch them with anything else. I've had good luck with it.

For example: http://www.autogeek.net/meguiars1017.html
canvas :)

canvas :)
taken from another post of mine:

My top is OD#7 ...untreated mine would get much lighter...to almost a gray/green color...but would deteriate...Treated it will get a bit dirtyer (darker) over time.

OD#4 or #3 is a khaki color ...Khaki with a greenish hue...often called "pea green khaki" this is the original "khaki" although it was really OD. this M41 jacket is a good example of color:
Reproduction Enlisted Man's U.S. M41 Jacket, O.D., Government Surplus, Brand Not Specified at Sportsman's Guide

Today Military uniform Khaki...is a tan

Mustard Tan ( on the trucks you see) (military treated Khaki):
8ft. x 10ft. Mustard-Tan Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp | Canvas Tarps | Northern Tool + Equipment
this fades much lighter quicker if untreated...not recomended
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BigDaddy...BigRedFJ40's rig

love the look Chris ;)

get it back on the road Chris

Boy Johnny.... my rig sure looked good then. Dosen't look like that anymore since I rolled it:crybaby:

All in time she will be back together again......:frown::beer::D
OEM canvas configurations i have seen come in:
1 window...no side windows ( van style )
3 window...1 in back, 1 on either side
5 window...1 in back, 2 on either side
7 window...3 windows in back (2 smaller 1/4 windows and 1 center window), 2 on either side (called the 'seven window' soft top some people call it the safari top...but have yet to see one on a safari rig :) )

and then the Ambi door soft tops

then you have zipper windows and/or twist lock windows

I will post some pics up soon...kinda forgot to add to this thread
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