Can't Find Heater Hose

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Nov 3, 2014
Western Montana
OK- trying not to sound to OCD but I want either Gates Green Stripe or NAPA gold Stripe heater hose to do my upgrade i already have my breeze clamps. I want it right and I want to do it one time.

My issue... I live in western Montana and I have called or gone into every single Oreilly and NAPA store looking for this hose- no dice .

I am on business in Southern New Mexico and today I physically went into 4 Oreilly Auto stores and 3 NAPA stores. Again no dice...

I can order it on line in 50' rolls but sure don't want to do that at $100+

Looking for ideas- I need about 3 feet (ha).

There's 2 different part numbers for it at Oreilly. 1 is for a 300' roll and one is for, I think, a 50' roll. I posted the part numbers a few weeks ago on here. Search my name and Gates, you'll find both. Ask Orielly the 2 different numbers and they should have, or can get, one of them. My local Oreilly inadvertently ordered the 300' roll when I only wanted 4'. Or you can order from the 1fzfe website.

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