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Nov 1, 2007
San Clemente, CA
I’m new to off-roading/4x4 culture, so I apologize if my questions are redundant. I’ve never heard of a wheel shattering; is that a common occurrence or something that happens rarely under high-stress conditions? I don’t plan on doing anything too extreme that could potentially ruin my GX since I need it for daily driving.
On the highway, about the only time a wheel could shatter is if you slide sideways into a curb, but that's also if you have cheap "cast" wheels.
But on trails, it is not too uncommon to bend a wheel lip. I just came across a young Navy crewman who was off roading out in our local desert and he was stuck when he bent the lip of his rim and blew off the tire bead.
As the old saying goes, cry once, buy once. Do your research and get what you want! Unless you're looking for a second set of wheel/tires for seasonal changes or off roading. then just get some solid steel wheels like Toyota take-offs.

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