Can I run these? LX470 06

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May 14, 2016
Metro Detroit Michigan USA

Anza - D558 - Fuel Off-Road Wheels

With BFG AT 285/65/18?

No lift

Will I need spacers?

When I talked to the guy at discount tire he said he'd have to check into them and call Fuel
The tires size is fine, but I checked those wheels and I only see them in 01 and 20 offset. That's going to be your problem. 01 you have no chance, and 20 is probably also too far outside the fenders.

I have 275/70/18 on Method 18x9" +25 and they stick out just about perfect. A little past fenders, I am stock on AHC and if I am going fast off-road and hit something that compresses the front end fully they just touch a little bit. This only happens a "N" height once in "high" they dont contact even when actually wheeling seriously.

Finally found a wheel I liked and thought it would work. That stinks!!!
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