Can I look at your FJ55?

United States
I want to buy a 55 in a year or so. In the meantime, my wife would like to see what one looks like. She says I cant take the kids in the 40, so I needs to find a 55. Im in Omaha,Ne and I would be willing to drive a couple hundred miles to put her mind at ease. Let me know if anyone out there is close, and wouldnt mind showing us your 55, please let me know. THanks, Eric
Oct 5, 2003
Golden, CO
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got a 76. Happy to email pics of the interior. If its comfort you want you better go find her an 80. I have insulated top to bottom by rig and its still a noisy highway driver. AC keeps it cool and its comfortable enough but a 76 LC of anykind was not designed to be quiet or cushy.

My wife digs it, even though I have to push her up into it :D

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