Camping with kiddos

Jul 7, 2010
Rockwall Texas
Here's my post in another thread, but I really should be having it here. With tents; no cabins. I don't have a roof top tent yet either.

After drinking some wine and what not.... beer, etc.

I've been listening to good ol Alan Jackson and it's killing me. Need to go camping soon. Like in two weeks.

Ok, so I have an 8 yr old wonderful daughter who says "Dad, I don't want to stay at some sissy campground with toilets."

Uh, I'm under pressure.

?There must be fishing. With a bow. And a fire. A BIG bon-fire. Beer. Koolaide for the kids. GrandPaws, stories, and such. Knifes. Um, stars. Tents, Shovels, TP, and Pretty much, just some water and Mud.

Where can I go find this place.

Possibly, next to a lake. But I'm the only one who wants that really, cause I want to bring the Jet ski.

I have connections at Lake Buchannon. I live pretty much on Lake Ray Hubbard.

But that's "too city" for her. sigh. Got family in Round Rock, (Mom), and aint' afraid to get dirty. Won't go too far right now, don't trust the t-case or tires, so Austin, Bastrop, OKC, is as far as I'll go. No beach yet. I'll get there eventually.


Anyone have any ideas? For one night only!


Enemies of the State
Aug 17, 2008
I hate to give up my fav spot, but Lake Murrary in OK is a awesome spot. Shhh don't tell everyone please.
Mar 1, 2007
Frisco, TX
We are going this memorial w-end to Bryan Beach state park. Look up Quintana TX and you'll see it right next to it.It is not a TPWD park, and is regulated by the local authority (City of Freeport). I called, and this is as wild and primitive as it can get. No check in, no designated camp sites, no water, electricity, ect... exactly what I was looking for !!!! Pretty much you drive to a place you like and set up camp !.I heard fishing is good there, and camp fires are allowed.

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