Camping this weekend (9/14 - 9/16) - recommendations?

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Jun 25, 2013
Gilbert, AZ.
Preference is near water and unimproved grounds, no/low crowds. Suggestions?

I don't care north or south but haven't camped south in over 20 years (last time was Mt. Lemon eons ago). North seems still much too cold in the evenings, was thinking a run south somewhere but am open to ideas.

Trip is a buddy and I just looking to blow off steam, gripe about work, wheel a little bit, and drink some cold ones.

Another thread mentioned Saguaro Lake, if there are some removed areas near there, Roosevelt, the upper Salt River, etc. those might be great considerations as well.

Thanks in advance.....

We spied some nice relatively private shore camping spots on the north end of Lake Pleasant last weekend. There is certainly wheeling and water to be had nearby. I am headed towards Lake Powell for the same reasons.
Pitch - I hope to cross paths some day, would be good to compare notes about our 92's.

Looking like we're headed to Marble Canyon. Won't have immediate access to water but should present all the scenery we could want with plenty of time to catch up with an old buddy. Will post pics upon our return to civilization, terrific kids/wife, :)
If you are up for a short, relatively easy hike with big rewards near MC, try Cathedral Wash on the road to Lee's Ferry. If you are more asventurous, Soap Creek. Both end at the river with a big payoff!

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