Camp Nejedly trail run 2022

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Sep 25, 2014
Fallon, NV
I feel like I am spamming you guys posting this in multiple locations... Please dont take offense. Help if you can

This is a run I have done multiple times in the past and it is very cool. I know fuel is high, but if anyone can make it, it is greatly appreciated. The outbound trip on the 30th of July is still needing help. As of last week they still needed 20 more vehicles. The trail is pretty easy, the very first time I went I was in a 2500 Dodge leveled on 35s and had no trouble. Last time they were able to have the camp I had my 80 on 35s and it was easy peasy. Myself and a few friends are camping Friday night at Snag Lake on the lakes loop outside Graeagle just so the drive Saturday morning isn't bad. If anyone is interested, pm me and I can get you Jay's email. This is the email from Jay.

Dear group leaders and 4x4 drivers,

Camp Nejedly 2022 is looking for a bunch of 4x4ers that would be willing to transport kids and their wheelchairs and gear plus counselors and their gear on a two hour trek to and/or from camp in the High Sierras. The campsite is a bit remote so you need a capable 4x4 with a little clearance and 4low. Most of the trail is easy with just two really challenging spots. The trail is only 11 miles but we take it really slow, 2 hours, to keep them safe, so if you are looking for a thrill, please not with these kids.

The dates for the treks are as follows:
July 23, Saturday at 11:45 am Graeagle Community Church - inbound.
July 30, Saturday at 9:45 am at Hawley Lake - outbound.

If you would like to participate, please have space available in your rig for at least 1 camper and 1 counselor and maybe some gear. We would like to make sure that everyone that participates has a great time, so we are asking for a little cooperation and a little information beforehand so we can plan. If you really want a camper in your rig, just say so and we will try to make it happen, especially for the first-timers.

We need space for 48 campers and counselors and their stuff on the opening inbound trip and the closing outbound trip, about 40 vehicles each day. All of the people and gear go in or come out on those days.

In the past, the inbound trip was mostly Diablo 4 Wheelers and Hills Angels groups. The middle weekend was covered by Grass Valley 4x4 club and some folks from RV West. The last day of camp had been the FJ NorCal, Tahoe-Donner, and Tacoma World groups plus some locals. We need to work together on assignments. For individuals that email me to sign-up, please be flexible and patient as I need to fill-in large groups first then add you where needed.

We need a list of the vehicles, color, opened or closed, number of seats for campers, and if room for gear.

And a little suggestion/hint - get a cb radio and preferably a ham radio to communicate in the wilderness. Cell phones don't work and cb's are spotty. For trail safety, we alternate experienced drivers with rookies and keep the driver behind you in your rear-view mirror to make sure nobody gets lost.

Please circulate this information to get the word out to come and help some kids that really need our help.

See you on the trail,

Jay f***ushima
Transportation Coordinator
Camp Nejedly
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