ca smog catalytic converter on post '75s

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Aug 3, 2013
Western USA
United States
So I am looking for a FJ55 and finding a few that might fit the bill. Many are out of the state, (CA) and have various motor conversions... i.e. Chev 307-350 ect...

Anybody have any real world experience getting a 76 or older 55 to pass smog with all the various pigs out there??

I did a search on our site here but zilch for results. Will try a few more search terms but don't see anything.

Thanks for any help!!
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You will get more help posting in the main FJ55 section, vs. here in the classifieds.

FJ55/40 did not get a cat until '79 model year here in the States.

There are many posts about tuning the 2F for proper running and passing emissions.
You need a vacuum gauge, timing light and tach.
Search things like "lean drop method".
Hey thanks. Will do.
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