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Jul 22, 2012
Winter Park, Florida
Georgia Club has one of these and it seems like a good idea. I'll start:

I've got a set of FJ62 driveshafts and a rebuilt with low miles a440f trans (also from a 62) that I'd like to get rid of. Open to trades from FL folk.
makes sense to me matt.. ive got 80 series oem roof rack id pass on to some one in need. also 1978 fj40 oem fuel tank (no rust but dirty).
REALLY need to get rid of this transmission. Please come take it someone! I can't start other projects like axle swaps or welding diffs ( :hillbilly: ) until this thing is gone.
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Can some one take this junk? I've got it in the classifieds for 800 now.
I'm selling a set of 5.29's. Yukon gears, never used. I bought them from Marlin.

8" front, 9.5" rear R&P plus setup kits.

new unused fj40 dash pad cap 4 sale makes the old cracked one look like new!! $60 comes with instructions and glue. sold
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wanting to buy front and rear arb bumpers
and also a aftermarket roof rack for my fj80
pm with condition and price
Wanted to buy: 4Runner or Xtra cab pickup. Parts vehicle or complete. Body or drive train condition unimportant. Tacoma would be OK too.
Also looking for 3RZ 4cyl, W56 trans, mini truck transfer cases etc.
Time to build a new trail rig.
Funny. If you came to GSMTR, you'd have a few you could take for a test run and see how they 'fit' :)
sorry steve but I've seen one of these up close and i don't think you will be able to get in it.
Hi All, I have a Prowertrax no-slip traction system (locker) made by richmond gear new still in box I was going to use for my front end ( fj60,) sell 200.00

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