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Mar 4, 2021
I am interested in buying this 1993. I’m having trouble pulling the trigger, I need some advice please. I want it for just fun, it will not be a daily driver, can do basic maint. myself. Ok first the good- no rust that I can find, seems solid inside and out, pulled all carpet up and checked where I thought problem spots maybe, has 1fz-fe engine ( not sure if it was converted from carb or whole engine swapped ), 5 speed, smooth shifting, looks nice, price🤑, newer axels, newer front end ( which I like ), has been registered and titled in my state
Bad- possible wiring problem, speedometer and fuel gauges do not work, unknown miles, has a newer dash ( from the same vehicle that it got the other parts from from what I understand ), can find only one vin plate
I’m sure there is other stuff I’m missing, has gotten an ok from another member on here that has seen the vehicle in person. I have a mechanic that is willing to check out the wiring and claims it shouldn’t be a hard fix, oil temp, rpm, water temp gauges work
Gonna post up some pics if I can figure out how, I had trouble the other day getting them to load, have a few more pics I may be able to post later if there is anything that somebody needs to see to help me make a decision ( the price listed on the photos is not what I’ve negotiated btw, it’s about $3000 less ) there are a lot of unknowns about the vehicle such where any work was done and by whom and exactly what vehicle the newer parts came off, anyway enough rambling





May 16, 2008

Is it from Colombia? Creative mechanics give it away.

It is a Venezuela Spec 70 Series. It did not come with the 1FZ-FE engine from factory. 71/78/79 Series had it after 1999. Maybe are the engine was swapped.

There is another possibility. Locally reverse-engineered EFI "adapters" are available in Colombia as bolt-on kits for the carbureted 1FZ-F engine. Conversion, however, is a little more complicated than that.

I would check the engine number in the VIN plate against the number stamped in the engine.

Is it legal to import a 25 year old vehicle with a different engine? I do not think so.

The front axle is likely to come from from a post-1999 model. I would check the frame to check the suspension arms mounts, as well as the shock absorber towers. Quite likely there are creative mechanics in the steering linkage.

The rear axle is likely to be post-1999 as well.

Chances are a creative mechanic swapped engine, transmission, transfer and axles. Too many things may go wrong with such an operation in a place where labor is way cheaper than parts.

The loose wires on the dash suggest a big stereo but also warn of a hack job with the electrics inside.

The wiring harness changed in 1999 to accommodate electronics and an ECU. Chances are both are hacked into the factory harness.

Your mentioning about speedometer and odometer suggest a creative electrician hacked harnesses.

It was re-sprayed. The painter did a poor job masking the VIN plate. It makes me wonder how much bondo is hidden below.

You may save three grand but whatever gremlins lurking inside will cost you several times that amount. Do not spend money you cannot afford to lose.

I would run from this truck. So should you.

Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
Does it have a body lift. Transfer case lever looks likes is disappearing into the floor.

I have a mechanic that is willing to check out the wiring and claims it shouldn’t be a hard fix,
How many landcruisers from Venezuela has he worked on? When people butcher wiring it can take a long time to fix, if it doesn't burn to the ground beforehand.
The front fenders and bonnet are post 2007 , the dash is later, maybe 2014?. That dash has airbags in Australian models

I want it for just fun, it will not be a daily driver
It will be long time before the fun factor kicks in and it wont be a DD either in the short term.
Tread very carefully. Assuming its legit, be prepared to spend a fair bit getting it up to standard. Maybe Onur said it all

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