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May 8, 2021
west virginia
Does anyone here know if here is a difference in the bushing sizes on the same upper/lower control arm and panhard bar?

The rear bushings on my 1997 LC are ready to be replaced. I contacted the local Toyota to see if I could order OEM bushings. They said that they only sell one bushing for each arm and that if I needed to replace both bushings on each arm then I would have to buy the whole arm. They said I couldn’t just replace both bushings on each upper & lower control arm and the panhard bar.

Most places are closed due to it being the weekend but I’ve emailed wits end, dobinsons, Slee, and mcGeorge Toyota parts to see if any of them had some feedback/knowledge on the bushing sizes and replacement options.

Just thought I’d throw the question out here as well while I wait to hear back from the above mentioned and also continue to search the Internet for answers.

Thanks for any input

** I’ve already replaced the front control arm bushings, panhard bar, and front and rear sway bar buahings/linkages…just looking for the rear at this point
Go to partsouq.com, plug in your Vin #, and check out a schematic. Than you can see every part and part # for your entire vehicle.
Front control arm bush set - Partsouq $205.00 (2020$)
4) Control arm bushings, front axle end (48702-60050) - 87.00
- (4) Control arm bolt, front axle end (90119-16003) - 11.00
- (4) Control arm nut, front axle end (90179-16015) - 4.00
2) Control arm bushings, front frame end (48061-60010) - 44.00
- (2) Control arm bolt, front frame end (90105-18006) - 8.00
- (2) Control arm nut, front frame end (90170-18007) - 2.00
- (2) Control arm washers, front frame end (90201-19011) - 2.00
Rear control arm bush set -
4 - 48702-60031 - Rear upper control arm bush

Ended up going with SPC lower CA with factory bushes installed from Slee Offroad - ~$255
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