Burning smell in cab

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Jun 10, 2012
Australia NQ
Ok had to take the truck out tonight, up the highway north, first night drive, I noticed a electrical/ plastic smell from under the steering column. The
large blue connector seems to get far too hot when on high beam! I'm thinking maybe a bad connection, ie high resistance. I will check my manual tomorrow but thought I would throw it out there to see if any one has a similar issue, my truck is a 88 gx hj61 so it has dual head lights. Does the High beam run via a relay? surely! I removed one of those dodgy insulation displacement in line connectors that feeds the spot light switch, it was very hot, not sure if it was hot from a HR or just because it was near the large blue connector, smell is less now but still concerned about how hot that connector is getting on high beam!

Any ideas
Electrical work down by POs can be a disaster. I come close to losing my 73 series one night. Make sure your battery cables can be disconnected easily. I have butterfly nuts on mine so I dont need to find a spanner.
Ill check mine next time im driving at night but i dont think it should get hot,actually i have a complete wiring harness from one of the guys on the forum so mine runs straight off the battery. Great upgrade!
Hot wires in cab not good! Suss it out.
Who do I talk to about the upgraded wiring harness? Low beam could use a bit more grunt. How much was the upgraded wiring harness.
Get onto kevin at wagongear Mun,he was selling a blokes harnesses called erik,awsome harness,erik just had to lenghtin a cuppla wires when he made it to suit a RHD model.
It comes wiyh its own fuse box etc you can run extras like spotties etc off.
Wagongear is in the vendors section.
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Ok had a look in there could only find forum discussion on vendors gear, do I have to pm the vendor for details?
Does he still make them cause its a high quality item,he asked me to let him know how it goes,after a cupple of weeks i got around to wiring the spot lights off his fuse box also,i remember him asking how i wanted it to switch but i had no idea really,just said you sort it out,the wiring for our headlights is a bit funky,not so simple in its operation(reverse switched i think).
I had made my own and it worked ok but the high beam indicator light didnt work,eriks is a much cleaner product so i ripped mine out and fitted his.
I never got back to him but the only problem i have is the spotties work fine but i have a switch of course on the dash for them,turn it on and they switch on and off with high beam but when you say turn the lights off and forget to turn the spotty switch off the spotties will still be on unless you flick the spot light switch,im sure theres a way around it but i can live with it.
A great item for our old trucks thats for sure!!!
X2 on Erik's headlight harnesses!!! Our headlights ground through the headlight switch , old wiring, corroded connectors and high subsequent resistance.... Bang, melted plastic at the best, a dead shot and fire and smoke at worst... A cheap, cheap preventative fix, AND you get nice bright headlights out of the deal!!!
What's not to like?
Ok cool, Kevin at wagon gear forwarded on my email to Erik so hopefully I get a reply shortly.
Does anyone have a complete electrical wiring schematic for a Aussie delivered 12 v hj61?
The factory chassis manual has them in the back,mines in storage over east,you can down load the manuals on line i think. Im a paper bloke,i know alot of people even have all there maps etc on a computer,i know my topo maps will never break down when out bush:D

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